Althea Belgique

Your professional partner for medical technology management.

Althea is one of the leading pan-European players in integrated clinical engineering services, thanks to the adoption of innovative solutions for the management of medical technologies.

Althea aims to become a leading independent provider of health technology management services in the world. The new group was borns from the union of eight leading companies in hospital technology services (Asteral, MESA, MVS, Spintech, Sigil, TBS, Althea Italia (previously Higea) and ES&A).These companies have been brought together over the past three years and are integrated into a single operating structure under one management. Within the new group, four centers of excellence have been established in Milan (Italy), Nashville (United States), Theale (United Kingdom) and Mikołów (Poland). These sites provide the group with training, laboratories and test centers that make Althea a unique player in the market.

The Althea Group, driven by CEO Alessandro Dogliani, operates in 18 countries, managing over 1.4 million medical devices in more than 1,700 healthcare facilities.

Following the most recent acquisition of TBS in July 2017, the group now generates a turnover of 400 million euros, more than 1,800 healthcare facilities, 1.4 million devices under management and nearly 3,500 employees.


Althea Belgique Bvba
Liège Airport Business Park, rue de l'Aéroport, bât 50, 4460 Grâce-Hollogne
Capital social: € 150.000 - N° TVA Intracommunautaire: BE 0865 296 220
Tél. (+32) 04 239 23 13 - Fax: (+32) 04 239 23 14 – be.contact@althea-group.com - Privacy notice

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